Kiosks for eClinicalWorks

Simplify the check-in experience with the best kiosks on the market.

Drive patient engagement with a VAULT kiosk.

Mounting Solutions

VAULT kiosks can be configured to a countertop, floor or wall.  Choose which option is best for your practice.

Accept Payments

With an integrated card reader, patients can easily pay copays and other bills without any headaches.

Scan with Docuvue

Precisely capture and record the patient’s information directly into eClinicalWorks using Docuvue.

Odoo • Text and Image

Empower your patients.

Exceptional user experiences begin with a product that provides patients with the ultimate level of convenience.  Minimize friction at the front desk with a check-in kiosk today.

CityMD achieves an 80% adoption rate for their kiosks 

See how they saw groundbreaking results using a VAULT check-in kiosk  

Our kiosks are solution-driven with proven results.


Provide exceptional user experiences with our premium countertop kiosk.  Designed for the ultimate level of convenience and built to last. 


The perfect kiosk where counter space is limited.  Speed up the check-in process while minimizing the lines in your practice. ADA options are available.


Offer your patients the best check-in experience no matter where they are.  The handheld kiosk provides the ultimate level of flexibility and convenience.